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Liaoning Fitec Machinery Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in the export of papermaking machinery and equipment. It was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Dandong, Liaoning Province, China. The company has a professional sales and technical team dedicated to providing high-quality paper machinery equipment and related services to global customers. Our products include paper machines, pulp making equipment, tissue processing machinery, notebook (exercise book) production machinery, sanitary napkins and diaper production machinery, and have passed ISO9001, CE, ROHS and other certifications, ensuring the high quality and safety of our products. We have been deeply involved in the field of papermaking machinery for many years and have accumulated rich experience and technology. We can provide personalized mechanical equipment solutions according to customer needs.
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Our mechanical equipment is mainly exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions, and is highly trusted and praised by customers. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", and focus on technological innovation and quality improvement
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The product has passed ISO9001, CE, ROHS and other certifications
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How to buy sanitary napkin equipment

There are many kinds of sanitary napkins, especially in recent years, the industry has developed very fast. At the same time, with the improvement of economic level and personal awareness, the choice of sanitary napkin products will pay more and more attention to the quality and use feelings, and consumers are willing to spend more money to buy better products and brands. So, what problems should be paid attention to in the selection of sanitary napkin machinery?

1. Popularity of sanitary napkin equipment

The popularity of sanitary napkin equipment represents the product or the company's honorary certificate, reliability, technical characteristics of available products, or regular product production process, exquisite production technology, advanced production equipment and so on. User feedback sheet can also be used, but the return visit record, reflect the product quality is excellent and reliable. To the extent, customer comments represent the degree of quality assurance of the product, assuming that a machine gives the customer a good image, the use of the role is not safe, after-sales repair is not perfect, then such a product must not be we should choose.

2. Pay attention to the quality of sanitary napkin equipment

Customers in the purchase of sanitary napkin equipment should not only pay attention to the appearance characteristics of the machinery, to be considered from its connotation quality, also do not be a single enterprise exaggerated appreciation misleading, good sanitary napkin production equipment has the characteristics of fast operation speed, long life, good stability, strong operability and so on. Therefore, in the purchase of sanitary napkin production equipment should be generally mastered: sanitary napkin production equipment operation speed, use of life, stability, operation is brief and other issues.

3. Pay attention to the after-sales service of sanitary napkin equipment

Caring about the after-sales repair service of sanitary napkin equipment, the other direction we should master when buying production equipment is after-sales repair, which is the sign of customers' purchase interests. Assuming that the production equipment of sanitary napkin has problems, and the after-sales service is not in place, it is not good. After-sales service is an important part of the after-sales service. After-sales service has become a requirement for enterprises to maintain or expand their market share. The quality of after-sales service can affect the satisfaction degree of consumers. When buying, the warranty, after-sales service and other relevant regulations can make customers get rid of doubts, swing form, determined to buy goods. High quality after-sales service can be regarded as the product of brand economy, in the market, the society with the improvement of consumer consciousness and the change of consumption concept, consumers no longer only focus on the product itself, the quality and performance of the similar products are similar, more willing to choose these companies with high-quality after-sales service.

To sum up, in the purchase of sanitary napkins equipment, more from these aspects to ensure the quality of the equipment to ensure the quality of products.

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